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Oct 31, 2011

Coming Along, Almost There

Almost to where I would like to be.  Still need to get the rear end formed and find or remake the front wing.  Attach the panels which will be getting screw mounted.  Add number's to it, and than get my new wheel's for it.  Enough talking and on to some more pics of yet another "mock up"

New front wing mocked up.

Anyone have any 3Racing over sized wheel's for the micro-t in good to like new condition, contact me.  I am looking for either white or chrome.  I would like to get them asap if possible, otherwise I will be ordering a pair.  I can trade other micro part's for them or purchase from you.  Let me know as this project is coming to an end.  :-)

Oct 29, 2011

Panel Painting Begins

Passenger's Side Panel Finished.

Began painting the body panels and wings today.  Next after a good time of drying comes to assembly of the wings and the mounting of the panels to the roll cage.  Once the drying process is finished, expect more picture's to come.
One horrible mock up without the front wing.  It'll do.

All the body panel's and wing's.  Well I thought both of the wing's.  lol
Driver's Side Panel Finished.

Acquired a new (used) RC

Just got this in yesterday.  Has the Mamba brushless motor with the Teken mini rage esc.  Came with 2 bodies and 2 extra sets of wheels/tires.  Ready to let this thing rip the earth.  :-)

Vendetta Buggy (Not sure on which shell this is)

Vendetta Truck

Oct 27, 2011

Micro Sprint Car

The 1/36 scale micro sprint car has begun.  With the looks and appearance of the larger scale sprint cars, I bring you my micro version.  This project began using just the front and rear end of a micro-t.  The chassis is made of carbon fiber and was cut to look like the larger scale sprint car chassis.  The roll cage was than designed and formed into shape using .080 styrene rod.  Later on whenever I get the motivation to try my hand at brazing I will use brass tubing.  The panels and wing are both made of lexan, which is where I have gotten to.  Plans still include different wheel's and paint.  Stay tuned to see the finished product.  Hope you all enjoy.

Chassis Design:

Front Shock mount modded:

Chassis cut and put together:

Beginning of the first roll cage (Ended up shortening the top part):

Shortened Roll Cage (Much Better :-) ):

The body panel's and wings begin to take shape: