Tyler H tyhodge07@

Dec 30, 2012

What to come for 2013!?

What would you like to see for the year of 2013?  A new Losi micro, upgrade part's, kit's, etc?  Would love to hear what you all think or your opinion's.

I know that I will have something new coming in 2013!   As far as my item being available to the public, we will have to wait and see.  If it were to happen and had a big enough fan base, I would offer a limited quantity release.  Just to allow some of you to get your hands on something "new" and have a piece of something that would eventually become rare.  Would be the same route I took with my micro buggy.  As I have been working on getting my new unseen (but by a couple) project rolling, I have made an attempt to reach out and get a couple of the item's (Calling it "item" to keep as a secret.  We all hate secretes, so I will keep you hating the one's I am telling. Haha) made, produced, done, or whatever you would like to call it.  As soon as I get some of these "item's" finished and back in my hand's, you just may get a sneak peak.  Just be sure to check back to my blog as I will be keeping it up with this project.  So stay tuned for more to come.

Enough of my talk, let's hear some of your thought's on new product's in the new year!  Wouldn't a wide track kit for the 1/24 model's be great?  How about a 1/24 4wd micro 8ight?  Let's hear what you have running through your head and hopefully we get spoiled with the goodies in 2013!