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Dec 24, 2011

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Years

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Years to everyone and their families. I know we all have wished and hoped for RC products under the tree this year. I guess we will have to wait this one last night to see what santa may bring. Some of you may be like me and actually feel like we will not see anything RC related under the tree, but that will only make the next year more full of suprises. Atleast from me, you all should be able to count on a few surprises or so from me, with rc mods and conversions, etc. Please have a safe holiday and enjoy the great family time. Do not forget to check back frequently as I have some really cool plans coming up in the beginning of 2012. Stay tunes!


Dec 13, 2011

Phat Bodies Banzai

Well I got word from my painter the other day that the Banzai body by Phat Bodies has arrived from the UK. The paint work will actually be as much of a surprise for me as all of you. Whichever the painter feels will fit the body of the Banzai and also the stock vendetta buggy body will obviously be the paint job. I gave him the colors to use and said do your thing. Now the wait continues for 2 bodies to be painted. Well wort
h the wait, will add pictures when finished. Stay tuned.