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About Me

A little about me! I am Tyler Hodges an RC enthusiast, born and raised in Indianapolis, IN. I am a father of a beautiful soon to be 7 year old daughter, named Jayla and step daughter, name Nevaeh . I began this RC journey about 9 year's ago, where I have gotten big into the hobby. I had my first RC back when I was about 13 year's old, but never had the money to move forward into the hobby as my parent's just did not see a point in spending the money I would have hoped for the hobby. As I have aged and grown older to where I could supply my own habit is when everything took off for me. I always had a passion for customized model car's which was my hobby before I got big into RC's. They were cheap and something to keep me busy until I could afford an RC. I built and customized model car's for quite some time. As I got more into the RC hobby, my model car addiction faded. Now as I have moved onto RC's, i began to do what I have always like to do most, and that was customize thing's. Being a so called customizer with RC's, I have alway's believed in custom build's and have alway's had a spot in my heart for them and the time I and other's have put into them. I have created a micro buggy conversion and also started on another, being the Bug-E V2. Long story short on that, I still have yet to finish the body. Some day I will get around to finishing that and also the micro dragster I have already started. With RC's, I find myself focused on the micro scale's and mainly enjoying the potential each and every one of them have. They are a perfect platform to use for customization's. You will see in the gallery section that I have been into the micro's more than the larger scale's. Enough talk about me and onto my RC's, which I have built, customized or created.