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Nov 29, 2011

Deanodized and polished parts

Since the body coming in the mail won't have any blue on it, why not deanodize all the blue aluminum parts and polish them. I began with the shock caps, next ill do the drive shaft, sway bar pieces and the servo hold down pieces. Until than here are the finished and polished shock caps. More to come from this sweet looking buggy.

Nov 27, 2011

More carbon fiber on the vendetta

Had very little left of scrap carbon fiber. Happened to be enough to make the front and rear shock towers. Looks like all of the blue aluminum has now been changed to carbon fiber. The more nicer and slick look. Couldn't be any happier with the outcome. Enjoy the pictures. Now only have to wait on my custom painted buggy body to get finished and sent to me to complete most of the look I am searching for.

Nov 26, 2011

Hand made carbon fiber parts

What fun is buying carbon fiber parts when you have had a sheet or carbon fiber laying around? Not only do I get to save money but I also get to feel good about making the parts myself, Haha. With what carbon fiber I have, I got the steering rack and front brace done. Enough talking and onto a couple pictures.

Nov 23, 2011

Another vendetta....

Here is another vendetta which I have acquired through a trade. I also took in a couple of mamba setups with it. Only problem with that, is this is going to be brushed. I have upgraded the servo to a 1/10 metal gear servo, still need to get a motor for this. The rest I have on hand. I will be purchasing a phat bodies body for this sweet vendetta. I figured why not let the ol lady have her own mini, so brushed and a cute body is what she will get. Now onto the pictures.

Also an update of the modded chassis vendetta. A couple pics of how I went with the battery strap. Only need to clean and round the edges than its good enough.

Nov 16, 2011

Modified vendetta chassis installed.

Here is the vendetta all put back together after the modded chassis. The chassis now weights exactly 1 pound without the esc and the receiver and also the battery. That was the last time I weighed it. Have not yet weighted it with everything installed. I still have a couple things that I would like to do such as the battery strap, the one used is temporary. And than cover it I'm carbon fiber vinyl.

Nov 15, 2011

Vendetta stock chassis modification

Wanting to lighten the stock vendetta chassis, I came up with a way by cutting off some useless plastic that was mainly for look and to hold things in place. By removing some of the plastic I lost almost 1 oz of weight. It may not seem like to much, but in the racing world it means a lot. Lighter the better. So to make this one light 1/18th scale, this is how I did it.

3oz is what i began with.

One side cut.

Both sides cut, holes cut under motor and battery.

The final result after clean up. Still need a nice soap and water cleaning. May cover in carbon fiber vinyl.

Just showing off a couple trucks, better pictures

Just going to show off a couple trucks.  Better pictures this time.  These pictures are of the Team Losi XXX-T, Duratrax Vaendetta, and also the vintage Team Losi Jrx-2 buggy.