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Nov 3, 2011

Losi JRX2 Restoration Project

Here is my Team Losi JRX2 restoration project.  Basically keep it as close to original as possible.  Obviously an electronic upgrade will take place.  Here is how I have received it and the little things of which I have added and have done.  This was pretty clean from the start.  After a more thorough cleaning and some new screw's added, this is where I have come to.  The rear drive shafts have had an aluminum sleeve added to them for a "bling" look.  Still in search of a buggy body and wing for this.  Someone may have what I am looking for, if so let me know.  Trying to find an all original, not a remake.  


Anyone have any wheels, front and rear they would like to let go. Also as mentioned above, looking for a stock body and wing. Thanks

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