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Jan 23, 2012

Banzai Racer making it's way closer to the track!

After receiving the Vendetta SCT, it only made this Banzai racer closer to being able to run at the local indoor carpet track.  After converting some of the SCT part's over to run this Banzai setup, this is what I have come to. Still needing to order the wheel's that this will run (HPI Cup Racer), finish the painting, and finally do the decal work.  As mentioned before, this will be a "Hello Kitty" themed #5 Banzai carpet racer.  This is now running the longer wheel base SCT chassis, drive shaft and ofcourse the battery strap.  This setup has the ball differential's in the front and rear along with the carbon fiber servo hold down.  This will be running a stock brushed setup for stock class racing.  I did have to make my own rear body mount's to run this body.  I fabricated a rear mount to use the ST body mount's (picture's below).  This is also running the ST arm's all around along with the front and rear shock's and shock tower's.  Enough yack and onto more picture's of the progress that has been made and the rest of the Vendetta clan!

NOTE: The ST is now running the SCT arm's on the front and rear, along with the wheel's.  Setting this truggy low to the ground give's it a pretty sweet and unique stance.  I am thinking of keeping it this way as the look has grown on me more and just flat out looks cool!


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