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Jan 23, 2012

Finally the Short Course Truck!

Finally received a Vendetta SCT!  Seemed like a long time looking for one has finally paid off.  This truck came with some goodies.  More goodies than I thought would be in it.  Sort of like opening present's on Christmas.  When I got this I tore into it to find it had the carbon fiber servo hold down, upgraded drive shaft output gears, aluminum front lower arm's, upgraded unknown green color spur gear, 3 deg toe in rear mount and after further taking it apart, I discovered a set (front and rear) of ball differential's.  A nice score and a top needed upgrade. It did come with the Tactic 2.4 Ghz receiver and the stock esc, but did not come with a motor nor a transmitter.  Who am I to complain after finding the small list of upgraded item's.  Onto a couple more picture's as this SCT did not last long before converted to the Banzai racer!


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