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Jan 2, 2012

Vendetta TC Mid Motor, 8 Cell

After wanting to equally distribute the weight of my TC, I began this project.  This project I am wanting to keep the stock chassis.  I moved the motor to the front, moved the spur gear to the middle of the drive shaft, and going to have to make my 8 cell battery pack, which will be a saddle pack, 4 cells on each side of the drive shaft.  After alot of measuring and drawing up on mspaint, I came up with what I need to do and how much room I have.  Basically using all the space available, I can get all that I want in it.  Enough talking and onto the project of where I am at and what has been done.

Cover Image, All back together.

The design image's which I did in mspaint.  Not bad for using mspaint really, lol.

Overall layout of part's.

Battery setup, wiring and layout.  Notice the 2 cells are stacked.

Drive shaft modding, had to redrill the shaft for the pin to hold the spur gear.  (undetermined on if I am going to run a stock rc18 motor mount or the motor mount that will support the bearing which is for the carbon fiber vendetta tc chassis.
Notice: I actually have 5mm extra space from my first measurements above for the battery cell's.  The image above was made without the car fully apart.

Picture's of modded stock chassis, Cleaned and shaved down to level it out so everything sits flat and not at angles from the embossed area's which came stock, such as the area's under the stock battery location.

Which now lead's to the ending point of how far I have gone.  Still waiting on the motor and esc to show up.  Once mounted along with whichever motor mount I decide to use, I will place my order for my battery cell's and get them done up and placed into the car.  Than finally I will have to make a top deck, or just 2 battery hold down's.  Wanted to start off the new year with a project, and this is what I had envisioned when I picked this TC up.  Still having thoughts on doing this setup with an aluminum or carbon fiber chassis for the long wheelbase Banzai body, which I have coming in the mail.  Hope you all enjoy, be sure to share my blog, join my blog and check back with my blog.  Happy New Year's, lets make this one a great year!


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