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Jan 21, 2012

Progress On The Banzai Racer

Have made some progress on the Banzai Racer.  I have laid down a white and black 2 tone paint job.  The hood and rear still need the florescent pink racing stripes.  This shell I had to end up painting myself, which I have no experience what so ever at doing.  My painter ran into health problem's, which is more important than this body being painted.  The theme of this shell will be "Hello Kitty."  No this is not my type of paint job, this is actually my fiance's indoor racer.  She is picky and not much into RC's, so one of the way's I got her closer into the hobby was letting her pick her own ride.  She went with the Phat Bodies Banzai shell and is going to make it all "girly" lol.

For the Banzai body, you need to run a long wheel base Vendetta SCT chassis.  After what seemed like a long time of searching and looking around, finally lead to me scoring a pretty nice SCT.  Once the truck get's here I will than have more progress shots.  Another thing to remember with this shell is the body mount's.  I am running the TC mounts in the front and also the rear.  The rear are not quite long enough, so that lead me into fabricating my own mount.  Or really just raising my original mount high enough to be able to clip the body onto the chassis. The next couple of picture's show's my custom fabricated body mount.  Hope you all enjoy where I (and also my fiance) has gone with this project.  It is very close to being a runner.  Finally!

Note:  The current "mock up" wheel's in the first image are exactly that.  A mock up.  We are looking into either running white HPI wheel's which will than be dyed pink or the black chrome HPI wheel's.  We are still not 100% positive on which we are going to run.  


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