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Jan 13, 2013

1/24 RC Funny Car?

I've been having another project idea running through my head lately.  Usually when idea's run through my head I have to find or create something to put it down on paper.  Most the time I do not jump right onto the idea or the plan's.  But figured I would share what I have had on my mind lately.  Maybe someday or someday soon (maybe as I wait on part's from the secrete project?) I will start on this.  Who know's, guess time will tell and if you read my blog then the blog will show, haha.  So only the flat layout of the design.  Also, with this idea plan I would be running a Mamba micro brushless motor, slot car gearing as their gears use grub screws and would make mounting and swapping out a piece of cake.  Wheel's are a toss up, thinking maybe slot car wheels. Need to see how much I can fit under a small shell and also would be attached to the 3mm axle with a grub screw.  For the front would have a straight bar with the ends drilled which would house a 1/24 Losi micro steering knuckle and a spring above it while running a long screw through it all to allow for some suspension in the front.

Finally, if you decide to create something like this.  Please come up with your own design.  It would be cool to have a funny car class in a micro scale, would love to see what other's come up with.  But do the work and research on your own as I do and always do.  I am always willing to help, just ask and I will help as much as I can.


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