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Jan 10, 2013

A little tease pic

Figured I would post a little teaser picture of the 2013 project.  Of course you probably can not tell what it could be, but that's the point isnt it.  Haha  So the wait still continue's as of now.  I may release the project photos whenever I finish the last design of which I am working on now.  Just keep changing idea's and doing this here and there and have not set my mind to one design that I really like just yet.  But expect to see the project photo's in the near future.  So stick around and check back later.

Also, if you have not "liked" the LosiMicroInfo FaceBook page yet, please do so.  The site has come along with some great information and still working on adding a bunch more.  Also always looking for feedback and idea's as to what should be on the site.


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